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The Benefits Of Towing Your Car To One Of The Local Scrap Metal Yards

A car can be a valuable asset until it no longer functions properly. You then are faced with what to do with it promptly so it does not drain your finances. Instead of simply parking it in your driveway and leaving it to rot, you can get cash out of it and the parts in and on it. You can get money for it when you have it towed and sell it to one of the local scrap metal yards.

Per-Ton Value of Your Vehicle

Most scrap metal yards are going to base what they pay you for your vehicle on its overall weight. The scrap dealer will pay you that particular day's going rate for scrap metal based on the per-ton price. The heavier that car weighs, the more money that you might receive for it when you sell it to one of the scrap metal yards.

You can find out how much your car weighs by reviewing its title. The title should have your car's weight listed on it. You can use that information to determine when to sell your car to one of the area's scrap metal yards. You may wait until a day when the per-ton scrap metal price is at its highest to sell your vehicle.

Simple Process

Further, the process of selling cars to scrap metal yards is relatively simple. Most scrap metal yards are not picky about what kinds of cars they buy as long as they get some scrap metal out of them. They do not typically require customers to make modifications, such as emptying fluids or taking out broken glass, before they buy vehicles.

This simple process can work to your advantage if you are not adept at working on vehicles and may not know how to empty your gas tank or drain fluids from the oil reservoir. You can simply sign over the title and have one of the scrap metal yards assume ownership of it from you.

Cash Payments

Finally, many scrap metal yards pay cash for vehicles they buy. They do not bother to write out checks for customers to cash or deposit. You can walk away from one of the scrap metal yards with cash to use for whatever purpose you choose.

Scrap metal yards offer benefits to people with cars they no longer need or want. These businesses pay per-ton scrap metal prices in cash and typically require no modifications to cars that they purchase. 

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